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6/24/21 Community Feature Implementation

Community Team
Community Team
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What’s happening?

The Community team is hard at work improving the top level menu experience -- to better surface products you use, increase content options, and reduce menu scrolls! All of this work is being prepared behind the scenes for implementation on June 24, 2021. While implementing on June 24, you may experience:

  • missing menu items or see menu items in different places as things are being moved
  • broken links in the menu or links that go to the wrong page as links are being updated


How long will this last?

June 24, 2021 9:30am - 4:30pm MDT

We’ve given ourselves a window of time greater than we expect to need. We’ll update the banner and this blog when the work is complete. Subscribe to this blog post to receive notifications of updates.



How do I find things in the Community while the top menu is down?

home page.png

  1. Search the Community - The top level search bar of the Community will not be impacted
  2. Use Home Page Links to find what you’re looking for
    • Keep scrolling on the homepage for:
      • Featured content and top posts
      • Latest Blog posts
      • Posts from people you follow
      • And more….
  3. Write your question down, take a nice little break, and come back later
  4. Use a Google search to search for Instructure guides