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Instructure Community Rankings

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Some of you have reached out asking for more information about the Instructure Community ranks, so we thought we’d share them with you. It’s our hope and expectation that these rank names paint a picture of your participation, contributions, and community-building efforts. 

What’s a user rank?

In the Instructure Community, a user rank accentuates your level of activity, contribution, and pure awesomeness. Your user rank displays below or next to your username: on your profile page, in your comments, on blog posts, and so forth. 

Profile with Rank Displayed.png

How is my rank determined and how can I earn a higher rank? 

Your user rank is unique to your level of participation in our online community. Broadly speaking, the more you do while you’re here, the higher your rank climbs.

Within the Instructure Community, you’re invited to participate in a variety of activities. These include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Post suggestions and answers for others, especially in the Question Forum
  • Leave comments and have discussions with other community members in groups, discussions, and comments
  • Follow other community members and recognize their contributions with kudos
  • Propose and author blog posts

Because our community is a living, growing place, it kinda goes without saying that our ranks are also subject to change and evolution. 

What are the user ranks in the Community?

Without further ado, here are our Community ranks:

New Members

Rank Description


A newcomer to our Community, this person has taken a brief look around to see what’s here and has introduced themselves by creating a user profile. 


This person has taken advantage of some of our community’s resources. They’re getting to know what’s offered, by whom, and where to find it all. 


Probably somewhat familiar with our major resources, this person has spent a little time digging around and looking through the community. Maybe they’ve even made a foray into the world of helping others in the Question Forum.


This person’s shown that they’ve got a good working knowledge of the Community and that they’re willing to acknowledge, work with, and help others. 

Community Contributors

Rank Description


This person has shown that they’re willing to highlight the Community’s resources, maybe even handing out a kudos here and there. They also thoughtfully participate and communicate with other people in the Instructure Community. 


Back seat drivers are welcome here! This person knows their way around Instructure products and they’ve demonstrated their directional skills for others in the Question Forum, comments, and posts. 


Working to discover new, better, or different ways to do things, this person shares their expertise, knowledge, and successes (and failures) with others in the Community. If there’s a way, they’ll find it! 


Advanced Contributors

Rank Description


This person has waded into the world of Instructure Community blogging while maintaining their community-building efforts. They’re the captains of their ship! 


Reaching new heights, this person has gone above and beyond in their community participation with blog posts, answered questions, comments, kudos, and more. And in their efforts, they raise us all up!


Not only has this person traversed the Instructure Community, but they’ve shown that they’re willing to explore new frontiers and build bridges. Other Community members have also recognized their contributions. 

Legendary Contributors

Rank Description


This person’s contributions have reached legendary status. Like the Olympic flame, their influence is ever-present and consistent. 


Showing they’re in it for the long haul, this marathon runner’s been around the community for a while. They’ve done a bit of everything, and others see and know them as experts in their field. They continue to find and share their successes, and they pave the way for others’ successes, too. 


Like the Olympians of old, these champion Community members have and continue to set the standard for community participation, building, support, and helpfulness. Their Herculean efforts built this place.