CD2 issues continue - table initdb inserts only fraction of data

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Hi Folks!

After running into the issue of no data being inserted after syncdb, I reinstalled everything, including python, DAP client, PostgreSQL and upgraded to tsv2py 0.6.2.

That seemed to solve the issue of *no* data being inserted into my PostgreSQL db. However, now I notice that the "courses" table only inserts 215 rows, where there should over 3000. Is this a change in policy to only return most recent courses?

I also tried to initdb the enrolments (we have enrolled over 250k students) table and similarly only a fraction of the data has been retrieved (3k rows returned). I previously had to drop everything manually in order to diagnose the issues, and now face the prospect of only a tiny % of the data being returned.

Have attached the log file below. 

I would sincerely appreciate any and all help - everything seems to be going wrong for us at the moment!

Best wishes,


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