Canvas Data: Outcomes Reserved Word Solution


In the Canvas Data (2018-12-11) release, an identifier that is a reserved word in some systems (such as AWS Redshift) was introduced in some Outcomes Tables. The ‘percent’ column in the learning_outcome_result_fact and learning_outcome_question_result_fact tables can cause complications in your imports.

If you are using an SQL database where ‘percent’ is a reserved word you may want to consider using a different identifier for the column name. If you would like to use ‘percent’ as the column name, to resolve any resulting complications, escape the ‘percent’ columns in the learning_outcome_question_result_fact and learning_outcome_result_fact tables by putting quotation marks around the column names in your SQL queries and DDL statements.

The Version numbers were recently updated to accommodate some data type fixes with Outcomes data. ‘Precision’ was updated to ‘Double Precision’ for consistency with other data types in Canvas Data. Additionally, the Catalog data schema preview was rolled back because an invalid data was included.

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