Logic of Request filenames i Canvas Data?

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Hi, trying to find something manually in the Request-files but i'm having trouble understanding the logic.

We have somewhat of 300 Request-files in our Canvas Data portal and I can't figure out the logic in the names of the files.

Is there a logic there so i can find the correct file to download??

(I'm trying to figure out who enrolled a student in a course (I have the Timestamp)).

Kindly Lars

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While I can't speak authoritatively, I do not believe there is logic in the naming structure, at least nothing that a person can interpret; it looks like a GUID or a hash value. Instead of finding the specific file packed file, I would recommend using the CLI tool to download and unpack the request files. That will create one consolidated txt file which you can load into any database and query the data from there.

I say that fully realizing that the process is easier to write about than to accomplish. The CLI tool though is really easy to use. The final unpacked requests.txt file will be huge. And if the enrollment happened more than a few weeks ago, you'll have to wait for the monthly full data dump rather than the incremental dump that happens daily with the requests table.

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