Missing submission_comment_participant Data


As of last nights dump we are aware of a serious problem with submission_comment_participant_* tables. It turns out this data is not being exported at all.

The cause of this fire is very similar to what caused the scores problem. Canvas has dropped a table with the latest release because the info can all be found elsewhere inside the Code Base. As such the table was dropped, and our ETL Process doesn't pick up any data, and as such doesn't export any data for customers. This happens at a time where our proposed ways of fixing of canvas dropping tables, and preparing tables accordingly was  still under review. We're expediting this process even more so.

We made a mistake with scores, this is an outright error on our part not making that fix the number one priority. We have a process problem, and as you'll see from the RCA with the missing day of data, and hopefully with this we're making that process problem a number one priority to fix. New features are great, fixing bugs is great, but the number one priority is making Canvas Data a data source you can trust.

We know with the scores issue, this issue, and the day of data not exporting we've messed up. There's no disguising or hiding that. We're setting all our engineers to help fix this issue as fast as we can, and help fix the process problem.

Our proposed fix will gather the info for these tables from other tables internally. As such there should be zero breaking changes/adjustments that you should be made. The only thing we see breaking is the IDs of the objects as our method of creation for these will generate different results with the new tables we're pulling from.