The requested job id could not be found

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I'm inquiring from our data team, yesterday evening they got an error getting data back for a job.  It's not failing all the time, so is it worth pursuing, or it's just one of those - it could happen, just retry - things?


[05/21/23 21:01:07] Started job d56268a3-ddca-441f-bad8-f9f45581ba81 to pull table roles
VERBOSE: GET with 0-byte payload
Invoke-RestMethod : {
"error" :
{ "uuid" : "1073f374-f8dd-4a37-99a8-9072791d1a50", "kind" : "job", "id" : "d56268a3-ddca-441f-bad8-f9f45581ba81", "message" : "The requested job id could not be found.", "type" : "ObjectNotFound" }



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