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API Calls for excusing Quizzes, Assignments and Pages

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to build a tool that will allow our advisors to give incoming students credit for work completed elsewhere and enable a student to jump into the middle of a course.

Our courses are module-driven and each module item must be completed in sequential order, with must submit prerequisites on all assignments/quizzes and must view set for all pages.

An example would be if a student switched from another school to ours mid-semester and we needed to transfer over their completed work. If Johnny has completed the equivalent to the first two modules in one of our math courses, the advisor needs to manually go through and give an 'ex' for each assignment and quiz, then masquerade as the student and click through the pages in order to trigger the prerequisite. This is a lot of manual work, and I'm attempting to automate this through a python app.

Is there a way through the api to excuse assignments and quizzes (either with an 'ex' grade, or some other method) and mark pages as read by a student?

My initial assumption was that I would have to create a quiz attempt for the student and then grade that attempt, and create an override for assignments, but I'm finding the documentation doesn't show much in the way of completing these actions as someone else.

Any info (or alternate ideas) would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi lalevesque​!  If you haven't found an answer, I'm hoping this will help with your question.

In the Submission API, there's an endpoint to 'Grade or Comment on a submission' where you can use the submission[excuse] parameter to set assignments as excused:


Sets the “excused” status of an assignment.

Hope that helps!