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API integration tool upgrade

I'm the Director of Information Technology at Cloud County Community College. We currently have a Canvas API integration tool that synchronizes our courses, users, and enrollments from our student information system to Canvas. Unfortunately, this tool is a bit aged and in need of updating to support TLS 1.2.

I contacted account services about this issue and they said I should post this request here.

We have the source code (Visual Studio project/solution in C#) for the integration tool. The scope of this project is simply updating this tool for TLS 1.2. We are not going to make any changes to the data processing side of this tool.

Basically, we're looking for someone to contract with us to get this update done. If you are interested or if you know someone who can assist us, it would be greatly appreciated. Message me via PM, here, and I will provide my contact details in reply.


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