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Canvas Calendar Sync to Spreadsheet?

We're a 1-1 iPad secondary school currently looking at adopting Canvas organization wide. As far as I can see, there is no way to sync/import calendar events from an outside source like a Google Calendar, Sheet, or ICS. We have a rotating 8 period schedule that makes working within Canvas' current calendar challenging since not all periods meet on any given day.

So, is there a way to sync the Canvas course calendar to a spreadsheet format (or alternately to a Google Calendar that we can sync to a spreadsheet) since many of our teachers currently use a spreadsheet for assignment sheet generation?

Though I have done some programming (and have others at my school who are much more expert), I have no idea where we would start to try to look at this question. Any advice for the newbie would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes!!  This was the question I was going to post until I saw your post:

Is it possible to sync the calendar to another application, such as the google calendar? This would be awesome!