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Tableau Users


Is anyone using Tableau?

If so, can you tell me what version is the best one to use.?

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Prep

Tableau Online

Tableau Server


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Community Coach
Community Coach


I thought I would take the opportunity to share this into the Data and Analytics‌ group for you, there are some great minds in there that should be able to assist you.

I know we have started looking into options to use with Canvas Data, we primarily use Cognos BI, however, I know Instructure does offer some reporting services with Tableau.

As far as which service would be best, I think it would largely depend upon your needs. The desktop version is great for starting out and as an individual user. Online is great if you want to use a Software as a Service application that you can share with multiple users, without a significant upfront investment in local infrastructure. The Server version is handy if you need to host the data locally (due to privacy or legislative requirements), as the Online version is only hosted in the USA at this point (as far as I am aware).

It would be great to specify your needs as that may help people make a better recommendation, covering things such as is it just for you, or for others to use, where do you envisage accessing it from, what would you like to do with it, and so on.

I will admit, I have never heard of, or looked into the Prep version, so can't really talk to that. While these are high-level thoughts only, hopefully the Data and Analytics‌ group can share more thoughts with you as well!

Hope that helps!