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URL Questions

One of our schools would like to have their program added to our Canvas instance. The plan is to set up sub accounts for the program and courses with their main page an open course. Other courses within the program would branch out from their main page (open course) when users are added to the system. Note this program was previously housed in Moodle and they would like to keep many of the resources/links available to past or potential new users. Essentially a landing page.

Question one: is there an issue or concern with setting up as above

Question two: is it possible for the sub accounts to have a different URL to distinguish it from the overall URL? This would help to keep branding in place and not confuse users accessing.

Thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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There is no way to create 'vanity' or named URLs within Canvas. The only unique URL for a sub account is on that Accounts index.

Canvas Themes can be used to customize and handle branding at the sub account level using JavaScript and CSS. 

How do I manage themes for an account? 

We brand our K12 school sub accounts with color changes, most students don't ever see another sub account, but mostly the left navigation changes to the school color, and the name is injected into the DOM in the upper right side of the page.

External Apps/Tools (LTI) can be installed at sub accounts. How your LTI works or has to work within Canvas will be specific to the LTI.