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Additional Filters, Reply Bugs, Expand/Collapse vs. Thread Tray

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Hi everyone, thank you so much for testing our latest release! Based on your feedback we are proposing the following changes. If you are not using Discussions redesign, please let us know what is missing before you are able to switch over. 

Additional Filter Options

These are not yet implemented. What are your thoughts on these proposed options for the View and Sort by filters? Please let us know which are very needed vs. not really needed.

View and Sort by OptionsView and Sort by Options

  • View
    • All displays read and unread replies
    • Unread Parent displays unread parent replies only
    • All Unread displays unread parent and child replies
    • My Replies will display your replies only
    • Needs Reply will display which parent replies you haven't replied to
    • My Drafts will display replies in a draft form in the RCE
  • Sort by
    • Newest Parent will sort parent replies newest on top
    • Oldest Parent will sort parent replies oldest on top
    • Recent Reply will sort parent replies by most recent Last Reply Timestamp on top
    • Most Replies will sort parent replies by most replies on top

Reply Bugs

These issues will be fixed shortly. Are there other issues around replying we need to address?

  1. Draft state is not saved automatically when replying. Clicking outside the RCE sometimes closes the Thread Tray. This fix will save your drafts in the RCE automatically.
  2. Sometimes reply does not appear immediately after clicking the submit button. This fix will ensure that you will not have to refresh the page to see your new reply.
  3. There are too many clicks to view a reply. See "Expand/Collapse vs. Thread Tray" below. 

Expand/Collapse vs. Thread Tray

We definitely hear you when you say you would rather scroll vs. click to view replies. We will still only show 20 parent replies per page. Questions for the group:

  1. Is there a need to have both Expand/Collapse threads in the topic page AND the Thread Tray, or would you only ever use Expand/Collapse in the topic page?
  2. Do you find any value in the Thread Tray

Thank you again for participating in this user group! Again, if you are not using Discussions redesign, please let us know what is missing before you are able to switch over. 

Best, Katrina