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Auto-Save Doesn't Seem to Work

The RCE Auto-Save feature doesn't seem to work with the Discussion Redesign, especially with the reply sidebar. It is really easy to accidentally click out of the reply bar and lose everything you typed out. This can be very frustrating when the post is very long and thought out. If you accidentally click away, it is gone. 

Is this something that has yet to be added into the Discussion Redesign? 

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Yes, be careful!
It happens to me when I choose a color to highlight a word or if I click outside the answer space in the forum. I would like it to autosave because that way it ensures that what I have written can be recovered. And as @erik_gustafson shares, avoiding starting from scratch can cut off inspiration and take more time.

Thanks for reading and working on improvements to Canvas!

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In discussions, autosave is supported when a user is only replying to one thread or comment at a time. Opening Rich Content Editors for multiple replies at the same time (and creating multiple RCE IDs) may not create autosave functionality.

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I hope this gets seen and gets a response. This is another feature parity issue. Even though autosave is a newer feature, discussions is the biggest part of online courses where having an autosave feature matters. I have spent years telling faculty and students to compose responses outside of the LMS. With the advent of autosave in Canvas, I was finally able to not push this approach and let them engage with the platform in the way that's natural for the users. Given user expectations for autosave to work in Canvas, it's absolutely essential that this feature is supported before I tell anyone on my campus to use the redesign. Needless to say here (but I'll say it for emphasis), they will also need to have a view that isn't the focused/slide out view before I will be telling any of my faculty to use this version as well.