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Community Engagement

Hi, everyone!

My name is Allison, and I'm the lead product designer for Canvas collaborations. I know some of you are aware of recent changes to our team. I am excited to engage with you moving forward, and I'll be doing my very best to keep community engagement vibrant while we search for a product leader.
I appreciate your patience as I review and respond to your feedback.

Allison Pittler

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Community Champion

@AllisonPittler   Welcome!

We are starting a series of webinars where we share technology developments with our colleges and the faculty.  I am typically very proud to communicate all the positive changes however this board redesign has me stymied as I do not agree with the design premise of the sidebar fly out and removal of the ability for reply depths.

Could you please take a moment and comment as to the direction of the tool? Will there be a return of the ability to see all posts and replies on a single screen?  Will that include the ability to reply to a reply, etc.?

My thanks!  ~ Jeff