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I want to add discussions to my course this year. I have watched the videos and read many posts and am not clear about using one discussion or adding a new one each week. I am most likely overthinking this, but would it be best to create a new discussion topic each week or add a new question to the existing topic? For example, this week I have a video and I am asking students to watch it, pausing as needed, and share two things that they notice in the video and two things that they wonder. Should I make a new discussion for next week's question or should I add it to the one I created for this week? 

Thanks for any clarification, suggestions, or guidance!


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Hello @schjen  - yes, I do believe there are benefits to having a new board for each topic, be it weekly or perhaps biweekly. For example, the discussions can be set to be graded and then all of these discussion activities can be added to the same assignment group and a weight can be assigned.

This way a grade can be assigned to each student for each week.

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