Dive into the Discussion Redesign with Our New Video!


Hello Discussion/Announcement Redesign User Group! We've got some fantastic news to share – we've just finished a brand new video resource that provides an overview of the Discussion Redesign in Canvas! 

In this short but informative video, we'll walk you through all the exciting changes and highlight the new features that come with the Discussion Redesign. Whether you're a teacher, student, or admin, this overview will help you navigate and make the most of the redesigned experience.

We hope this video provides a better understanding of what the Discussion Redesign is and what changes to expect with the enforcement on July 20, 2024. This has also been posted in the Product Blog to ensure visibility. Users can also check out our two-page overview which can be accessed here

Embed Code below and the video link can be found below. 

Happy watching!

Discussion Redesign Video Link

<iframe width="560px" height="320px" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay *" title="Discussions Redesign Q1 2024" src="https://productmarketing.instructuremedia.com/embed/849316b3-c04b-4c43-8026-7b65dc99b644" frameborder="0"></iframe>