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File attachments not visible in Discussion Redesign when using web browsers

Unsure if this is a known issue or not, but when using Discussions Redesign in a browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome), neither my students nor other instructors are able to see file attachments on the posts. There used to be an icon in the old Discussions or a link to the file at the bottom of the post, but now there is neither.

The file attachments appear on the Teacher/Student app as clickable icons, as well as in SpeedGrader as clickable file names, so it does not appear to be an issue with the upload.

Anyone encountered the same issue?

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I initially saw this a few weeks ago when attachments did not appear for discussion prompts/topics. It looks like this has been fixed on the initial thread and appears as a link on the starting prompt. However, your comment made me go back and test this again in replies--I can still see attachments on the initial topic, but I can't see attachments in the replies.

I'm mainly noticing this when I'm toggling between enabling/disabling Discussions Redesign. If attachments are added while this is disabled and I later enable the redesign, I do not see attachments in the replies. However, if I reply to the topic when the redesign is enabled I notice that I do not have the option to attach a file. I can still go to Insert-->Upload Document in the RCE, but there's no attachment field like there is in the current discussion interface. Attachments are still available in the mobile app though, which means students are able to add attachments to replies in the mobile interface even when redesign is enabled (which means it's viewable in mobile but not in web browsers on a laptop/desktop).

I doubt this is intended, but I don't know if the plan is to eliminate attachments in favor of using the RCE --> Upload Document format. Thanks for pointing this out!

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Yes! I have allowed attachments in the settings and It appears that students can see each others attachments, but of course they are not in the Beta environment.  I can not see anywhere to get to the attachments myself, so have had to disable the Redesign for now.  Anyone have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? 

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Thanks @henriette_wien@rmartini@vicit, we are looking into this issue.   

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I'm also having this problem, @Katrina-Hess . I'm using beta and in both my instructor view and view-as-student an attached file isn't visible. (It is visible in speedgrader.)

UPDATE: I am now seeing the attachments. Thanks!

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