Turnitin for Discussions?

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Apologies if I missed it here...

I have seen and followed the comments about adding Turnitin integration into Canvas Discussions in other places in the community.  I did not see anything here.  We are certainly advocating for the integration of Turnitin in the Discussions Redesign. 



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Hi @bjholt, we are definitely exploring plagiarism checker solutions, including a Turnitin integration. We'll update as we get further along in our discovery. 

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As a faculty member as well as admin for Canvas curriculum, I can honestly say this (adding Discussions to the TurnItIn suite) is a feature that is much needed. Academic Integrity is an integral part of providing students with a safe and authentic learning experience. I really see no downside (besides possibly cost of capital to build) to having this feature added, and the upside is tremendous.

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I wonder if there is an update to this? The need for Turnitin or a plagiarism checker in Discussion Boards is high. I am routinely spending a lot of time manually uploading DBs to Turnitin. This is a much needed upgrade as students know that there is no way for a faculty member to easily check their work against Turnitin in a DB. I have even had students challenge me for turning their work in manually because they know DBs aren't checked against Turnitin.  Please advise if there is a fix in the works.

Thank you.

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