How do I troubleshoot a rule violation in a validation in Elevate Data Hub?

Validation rule violations include information about the data that triggered the violation, which can be used troubleshoot and correct the affected data.

If you cannot access the areas shown in this article, or complete all the steps, you may not have the necessary permissions.

Open Instance

Click the name of the instance.

Open Validations

Open Validations

In the Instance Navigation menu, click the Validations link.

Open Validation

Click the name of the validation job.

Open Rule

On the validation job results page, locate the rule you want to troubleshoot, and click the Rule ID.

View Rule Violations

The Rule Violations page displays records that triggered a violation of the rule. Each record includes information about the institution [1], date information [2], and event details [3].

Rule violation results are paginated. To move forward or backward through the results, click the arrow icons [4].

To export a CSV of the rule violations, click the Export button [5].

View Rule Details

To view details about the rule, click the Rule Details drop-down icon [1]. Rule details provides information about the rule including error level [2], applicable submissions/collections [3], applicable organizations or agencies [4], the number of affected records [5], the rule text description [6], the business meaning of the rule [7], and steps to resolve [8].