How do I normalize assessment performance levels to my custom assessment outcomes?

As an Elevate K-12 Analytics admin, you can normalize vendor assessment performance levels to your institution's custom assessment outcomes. Select an assessment family and one of its reporting methods. Then, map the vendor assessment performance levels to the performance levels defined in one of your assessment outcomes templates. This allows you to normalize the performance levels from a variety of different assessments to your institution's assessment outcomes.

After you create normalizations, users can view assessment performance level data according to the your institution's assessment outcomes.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open KPIs

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the KPIs link.

Open Assessment Outcomes Normalizations

In the Manage KPIs menu, click the Assessment Outcomes Normalizations link [1].

Note: On the Manage KPIs Overview page you can click the Assessment Outcomes Normalizations link [2].

Add Normalization

To add a new normalization, click the Add Normalization button [1].

To add a another mapping to an existing normalization [2], click the normalization's Add Alignment button [3].

Select Sources

In the Create Assessment Outcomes Normalization page, click the Assessment Namespace drop-down menu [1]. Select the assessment URL or URL data source.

To select your custom assessment outcomes, click the Assessment Outcome drop-down menu [2]. Select one of your assessment outcome templates.

Select Reporting Method

To select the assessment family's reporting method to map, click the Reporting Method drop-down menu. Select a reporting method.

Configure Mastery Alignments

In the Mastery Alignment section, view the vendor assessment family performance levels based on the reporting method you selected [1].

To map an assessment performance level to your custom assessment outcomes, click the Assessment Outcome Mapping drop-down menu [2]. Select an outcome from your assessment outcome template.

Save Normalization

To save the normalization, click the Save changes button.

Note: You can leave a source performance level unmapped.

Manage Assessment Outcome Normalization

Your normalization displays on the Assessment Outcomes Normalizations page. You can view the name of your assessment outcome [1], the assessment family namespace [2], and the assessment family reporting method [3].

To normalize another assessment family to this assessment outcome, click the Add Alignment button [4].

To edit a normalization, click the Edit button [5].

To delete a normalization, click the Delete button [6].