How do I view Assessment Performance Level mappings for my institution?

You can view assessment performance level mappings for your account in your account Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Once your institution's assessment platforms are integrated with your Elevate K-12 Analytics account, you can map assessment performance levels by color and sequence. Assessment performance levels overlay assessment visuals and provide at-a-glance information about assessments and student success.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open KPIs

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the KPIs link.

Open Assessment Performance Levels

In the Manage KPIs menu, click the Assessment Performance Levels link [1].

Note: On the Manage KPIs Overview page you can click the Assessment Performance Levels link [2].

View Assessment Performance Levels

The Assessment Performance Levels page displays a chart with the following information:

  • Namespace [1]: the vendor assessment family namespace; the assessment provider name displays in URL or URI string.
  • Performance Levels [2]: the number of performance levels associated with the assessment vendor.
  • Status [3]: the number of assessment levels with custom mappings for your account.

Open Assessment Mapping Details

To view details about performance level mappings for an assessment vendor, locate the vendor in the chart and click the Edit button.

View General Information

The General section displays the assessment family namespace [1] and the number of unmapped performance levels [2].

Note: If all levels are mapped, the status displays All mapped.

View Mappings

The Mappings section displays any existing mappings for the assessment family. You can also add mappings to the assessment family [1].

The mappings list includes the following information:

  • Priority [2]: the mapping priority. By default, mappings are not prioritized and display no value.
  • Match by [3]: the mapping filter option. Depending upon the selected match filter, the mapping may apply to one specific performance level, or it may include multiple levels.
  • Text [4]: the text used to filter the matched performance levels. View the assessment family Performance Level section for text.
  • Color [5]: the color associated with the mapping. This color can be customized.
  • Rank [6]: the rank associated with the mapping.

You can also edit [7] or delete an existing mapping [8].

View Performance Levels

The Performance Levels section displays the assessment family performance levels. By default, the all performance levels display. However, you can sort the list to display only unmatched performance levels. To filter the list, click the Sort by drop-down menu [1].

Unmatched performance levels do not display mapping details [2]. Matched performance levels display mapping information next to the level name [3].