Elevate K-12 Analytics Newsletter - March 2023

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Support Update

Reminder: Scheduled System Downtime

On Friday, March 31 our Engineering Team will be finalizing our database migration to AWS. As a result of this database migration, the K-12 Analytics application will be down for several hours on Friday, March 31. Additionally, ETLs will be paused for a couple of days afterward (through the weekend). This means that you will likely not be able to use the K-12 Analytics application on Friday, March 31 and your data freshness will be impacted until the ETL runs again. We have scheduled this maintenance window to minimize the impact, but wanted to give you advanced notice, so that you can plan ahead.

If you have any questions or experience any issues after April 2, please contact our support team at analytics-support@instructure.com

March Release

Release notes for the March Release will be available next week. You can access all available release notes at any time in the Instructure Community. Highlights of the upcoming release are below.

  • In Data Explorer, users will be able explore widgets when a widget is able to be explored. An exploration icon now appears in the middle of the widget.
  • Admin can now create custom assessment periods in Settings and assign individual assessments to custom assessment periods. 

Feature Highlight


Watchlists are one of our customers’ favorite features of Elevate K-12 Analytics. In a previous newsletter we talked about how you can use watchlists as a filter for an existing dashboard.

After logging in, when you click on WatchList, you are given the option to build your own, or use one of our templates to get started. The templates can be modified to fit your exact use case, but building your own provides an even greater level of flexibility.

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 10.03.13 AM.png

The build your own watchlist guides you through the steps by asking you to select your type of watch list, the parameters for the students you want to watch and the fields you want to include. You can learn more about the three watch list options on the Instructure Community page about watchlists.

Remember to visit the Elevate K-12 Analytics section of the Instructure Community for other helpful hints. Help other Elevate K-12 Analytics users by entering your questions or responding to others in the Elevate Question Forum.

If you have any questions about how the product is functioning please send us an email at analytics-support@instructure.com.

Community New and Improved Design

We are excited to extend the new-and-improved design of Community Question Forums and Product Guides spaces into each of the product families. Please see this blog outlining all of the changes.