Elevate K-12 Analytics Newsletter - May 2023

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Product Update

Custom Assessment Periods

Users can now create custom assessment periods and assign assessments to custom assessment periods. This update allows users to distinguish between assessments given at different times–and then track data across those assessment periods. 

Watch the video to learn more about how you might use Custom Assessment Periods.

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Note that this feature will need to be turned on for your account, so please contact your Project Coordinator or Customer Success Manager if you would like this enabled.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact our support team at analytics-support@instructure.com.

May Releases

2.pngElevate K-12 Analytics will now have bi-weekly releases. You can review all release notes in the Instructure Community. Release notes for the May 11 & May 25 are now available. 

Highlights of the May releases are below.

Updated Features
Custom Assessment Period Filters
The new dropdown filters allow multi-select. Selected filters display in the dropdown menu, and are pinned to the top of the dropdown menu. A Reset Filter button is added to clear selected options from the new dropdown menus. Additionally, the color contrast on the table is improved. 

Sidebar Filter
The sidebar filter features a truncated multi-select list for areas that feature long lists. An option to display more is also available. This update allows users to easily filter through many items. Additionally, a search bar is added to improve the process of adding items from a long list. Selected items get pinned to the top for easy review and confirmation.
Summer School EnrollmentsSummer school enrollments do not display in the visuals with current enrollment. Previously, visuals showing current enrollment included summer school students.

Average Objective Assessment Score
An Average Objective Assessment Score metric is available in Data Explorer. Users can view the Average Objective Assessment Score, which represents any sub tests that assessments may have. This also allows users to drill down to individual Objective Assessment Scores and analyze the Objective Assessment Scores through the lens of other data, such as subgroups of a student population.

Additionally, several bug fixes were implemented including the following:

  • Objective Performance Levels display correctly for each student. Previously, for some users, the student summary displayed the same data for each student.
  • Correct attendance rate is displayed on Student Scorecards. Previously, incorrect attendance rates were displayed for some users.
  • Chevron symbols in dropdown menus remain fixed with the proper distance inside of Watchlists. Previously, the chevron symbol was getting pushed to the right and cut off.
  • User automation only stores and uses staff work email addresses. Previously, user automation was still storing old/personal staff email addresses.
  • Current enrollment is displaying correctly for customers every day. Previously, current enrollment was not displaying on Sunday or Monday.
  • Searching for any element inside of settings now results in the total count of results updated accordingly. Previously, the total count of results was not updating.



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Employee Spotlight


Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 12.16.43 PM.pngMichael Coates works on the analytics platform as a Project Consultant. He has been with Instructure since the acquisition of Certica Solutions and has been working with K-12 Analytics customers for 5 years. Before that, he worked at Academic Benchmarks managing alignment projects for educational content customers. Mike lives with his family in Cincinnati OH. He is an alumnus of the University of Cincinnati (B.A. Spanish, Business Certificate, Business Spanish Certificate). 

As a project consultant, Mike works with school districts during implementation to assist them in getting their data into the ODS so that it can be visualized in Elevate K-12 Analytics. He meets with district teams weekly and builds a level of trust and confidence that sets up the district for success. If you’ve been on any calls with Mike, you know that he is a big sports fan of all Cincinnati teams including the UC Bearcats, Bengals and Reds. You may have also seen him wearing one of his many Jimmy Buffet shirts since he considers himself a Parrot Head and has seen Jimmy Buffett for 27 consecutive shows in Cincinnati.

Besides sporting events and volunteering for his two children’s activities Mike keeps busy “cooking over fire” (grilling, BBQ, rotisserie, smoking), boating with the family, snowboarding, gardening, and DIY home improvement projects which he credits are made possible by his amazing wife, Aubrey, who has a PhD in Psychology.