How do I view data explorations using my institution's assessment outcomes?

If your administrator has configured assessment outcome normalizations, you can view data explorations using your institution's assessment outcomes. When you access the Data Explorer, you can categorize data by your assessment outcomes through the Assessment Reporting Method category.

View Data Explorer

Access the data explorer, and view student assessment performance data [1].

Then, click the Categorize button [2].

Categorize by Assessment Reporting Method

Categorize by Assessment Reporting Method

In the Filter Category Items window, click the Assessment Reporting Method link [1]. Then click the Assessment Reporting Method button [2].

To view the data by reporting method, click the OK button [3].

Disaggregate by Assessment Outcomes

Data is categorized by all reporting methods.

To disaggregate the performance levels for only your institution's assessment outcome, click its bar link.

Select Assessment Peformance Level

In the Select Category window, click the Student Assessment Performance Level category [1]. Then click the Assessment Performance Level button [2]. To view the categories, click the OK button [3].

View Assessment Outcomes

The data displays according to your institution's assessment outcomes.