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Elevate K-12 Analytics Release Notes (2023-05-25)

Elevate K-12 Analytics Release Notes (2023-05-25)

In this Elevate K-12 Analytics release (May 25), an Average Objective Assessment Score metric is available in Data Explorer. Several bug fixes are also included.


 Updated Features


Average Objective Assessment Score

An Average Objective Assessment Score metric is available in Data Explorer. Users can view the Average Objective Assessment Score, which represents any sub tests that assessments may have. This also allows users to drill down to individual Objective Assessment Scores and analyze the Objective Assessment Scores through the lens of other data, such as subgroups of a student population.




Active Staff

Staff display as active if the end date is not provided or later than the current date. Once an end date is provided and passed, staff will display as inactive.


 Fixed Bugs


  • Modified roles and scopes are updated correctly. Previously, when users modified roles, the required teacher association was not deleted, resulting in issues around scoping.
  • Current enrollment displays correctly for customers. Previously, current enrollment was not displayed for some customers.
  • Previews of Static Watchlists load correctly. Previously, an empty chart loaded.
  • Segment values persist after being inputted when creating a new KPI with segments. Previously, segment values were deleted after inputting.
  • The description for the watchlist template, "Students Suspended More than Once," displays correctly. Previously, the description for another watchlist displayed.
  • When modifying an existing KPI, the modification is saved correctly. Previously, an internal server error was shown and was not saved.
  • Searching for any element inside of settings results in the total count of results updating accordingly. Previously, the total count of results was not updated.

Change Log


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