How do I create a dynamic watchlist based on points?

Watchlists in Elevate K-12 Analytics allow you to track and easily view key metrics for selected groups of students. You can create a dynamic watchlist based on points by specifying points-based criteria through a wizard-style interface. The watchlist then automatically includes students based on the sum of the weighted criteria.

You can also create a dynamic watchlist by using a Quick Start Template of pre-specified criteria. Learn more about creating a watchlist from a template.

Learn more about the kinds of watchlists you can create.

Open Watchlists

Open Watchlists

In the navigation menu, click the Watchlists link.

Create New Watchlist

On the Watchlists page, click the Create new watchlist button [2].

Create Student Watchlist

Create Student Watchlist

When you create a new watchlist, the Create Watchlist page displays the Select Template tab [1].

To create a static watchlist, click the Create Student Watchlist button [2].

Select Dynamic Based on Point Assignments Watchlist

Click the Dynamic based on point assignments radio button [1], and then click the Next button [2].

Specify Criteria

Specify Criteria

A dynamic watchlist allows you to specify criteria that determines which students you want to observe in the watchlist.

To specify criteria, locate the criteria you want to use and click the Expand icon [1].

Enter criteria filter details [2].

Note: Some criteria settings, including grade rankingsattendance event categoriesdaily attendance sources, and unexcused absence indicators, are configured and managed for your institution in Admin Settings.

Add Additional Criteria Filter

To specify additional filters using the same criteria, click the Add icon [1].

Enter additional criteria filters [2].

Review Criteria

Selected criteria display at the top of the Search Criteria page [1]. To remove a criterion, click the criteria Remove icon [2].

Then, click the Next button [3].

Note: There is no limit to the number of criteria you can specify for a watchlist.

Assign Points to Criteria

On the Point Assignments tab [1], assign points to at least one of the criteria. Criteria without points assigned are considered required.

To assign a point value to a criterion, enter a value into the Point field(s) [2].

Specify the total number of points needed for a student to be included in the watchlist in the Total Points Needed field [3].

On a nightly basis, a student is added or removed from the watchlist based on the sum of their criteria points. If the sum is equal to or greater than the Total Points Needed, the student appears on the watchlist.

To continue, click the Next button [4].

Select Columns

On the Select Columns tab, you can select the columns that display on the watchlist table.

In the Standard Columns section, click the toggle controls to show or hide columns on the watchlist [1].

To set the default time frame for a watchlist, select an option from the Default Time Frame drop-down menu [2].

Each standard column compares results to a distribution curve. To set the default for the distribution curve, select an option from the Default Distribution Curve drop-down menu [3].

In the Search Criteria Columns section, select columns related to criteria by clicking the toggle switches [4].

To continue, click the Next button [5].

Preview Watchlist

To review the watchlist, click the Preview tab [1]. To continue, click the Next button [2].

Save Watchlist

To save the watchlist, click the Save tab [1]. Enter a name in the Watchlist name field [2].

To save your watchlist, click the Save button [3].

You can now view and manage the watchlist.