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Can I use Canvas Free for Teachers with MindTAP?

I have been using Cengage SAM and MindTAP for a few years now.  Recently, I was invited to do a training with Cengage, and all of the Instructors was talking about how much they love Canvas and how it integrates well with MindTAP.  So, I made me a Free for Teachers account, but after I spent a week working in Canvas to set up some of my classes, my Cengage Learning consultant told me that there would need to be an Administrator for my account in order to link my MindTAP to Canvas.  Could you please give me some advice on what I need to do to fix this problem?


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@BillieCross Were you able to find a solution? I'm on the same boat...

No.  When I called my Cengage Rep. he said that because I am using the free version of Canvas, that my Cengage MindTAP classes and Cengage SAM classes could not be integrated into Canvas.  If you find out differently, please let me know.  Maybe they may change up the rules or something.  It would be very helpful.