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Free for teacher

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Faculty using the paid Canvas may find utility in using the Free-for-Teacher access.  While faculty may have a sandbox/practice course in our Canvas system, this course falls under the settings of the institution as as such faculty may not have access to the full spectrum of optional tools and apps.  For example, the system may be configured to disallow addition of apps to a course or certain settings may be disallowed.  And so, by accessing a course via free for teacher an instructor has freedom to experiment.

A second wonderful reason to use free-for-teacher is for teachers in training. Such a course is a terrific place to bring together all the concepts and theories learned the years prior.  In this use case lesson plans for a flipped classroom can be brought to life and modeled directly within an LMS.  Such a course can be shared as part of a portfolio to demonstrate readiness to enter the scholastic workplace.