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I am transitioning from one educational institution to another and am attempting to view an export of a course using my free instructor account.

The course export I am trying to import is roughly 1,600MB and the limit on my account is 1,000MB.  I have no "administrator" to increase limit as this is a free account.  I will not have a non-free account until I transition to the new institution but I need to be able to view this material before then.

I am unable to import selected content as the overall file is too large to even begin the initial upload.

I am trying to view this large course with my free account.  Importing isnt strictly necessary, if there were some way to simply unpack the contents and view offline that would work just as well.

Screenshot just to avoid confusion. canvas.png

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You are correct, @dm10 , that Free For Teachers account impose a course size limit on imports. To import the course content to a course in a FFT account, you will first need to ask your current institution for a Canvas sandbox that you can use to clean up the course; if you already have a sandbox course to use for this purpose, so much the better. Import the course into the sandbox, then work through the files area to remove or re-host externally any items that are taking up a large amount of space. Videos are typically the largest offender, and many users (including myself) choose to host them externally and link to them from the course rather than uploading them to the course. Once you've been able to reduce the size of the course, you should then be able to export a new course export package and re-import it into your new FFT account without issue.

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