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I created a FFT course and manually added my students using their email addresses. Many of them have not yet joined the course even after I have re-sent the invites multiple times. I'm wondering if the course invitation emails are going to their spam/promotions/social/other folders instead of their inbox. I know with my Gmail account, the auto-generated email notifications don't always show up in my main inbox. 

Anyway, I am wondering if I should change the settings to allow users to self-enroll using a link and then send them an email with the link. My question is: since I have already added everyone by typing their email addresses in the People page, would I need to remove them before sending the self-enroll link? What would happen if they click the self-enroll link and they have already been manually invited but never accepted the invite?


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Hi @DeletedUser, I would attempt the self-enroll link located in your course settings and simply delete any redundancies/overlap between users. Any user that already has access to your course you won't have to send that link to, and if anyone joins twice, try and delete one of those user profiles. That's the best way to go about it. 

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