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How does FFT inspire you to be creative in the ways you leverage Canvas?

I want to shift roles right now.  Professionally, I work in higher education and my institution utilizes Canvas.  However, on Monday my daughter starts the second grade at a school that doesn't even have an LMS.  It is a top rated school in Florida (a state which ranks among the top in the nation for testing - which I have mixed feelings about for...reasons) and last year the principal was recognized at the White House as the principal of the year.  And all of this doesn't amount to the school having very much money.  They talk about things such as FTE and "seat time", and as it is a new school their library shelves are relatively barren. 

This past year I sat on the School Advisory Counsel - a post which I will continue this year.  I still feel like I am very new to the realm of K-5 education and was admittedly lost during much of the SAC discussions (I actually petitioned that they provide us all with a list of all the acronyms they use - a guide which turned out to be very helpful).  I gave a few presentations during SAC meetings discussing the research behind pedagogy and study techniques, and really tried to connect their agenda to what we in higher education would like from our K-12 graduates.

At one point I asked about their LMS and suggested Canvas as a good tool.  Initially I was met by crickets and then people tried to explain some district-sanctioned platforms and approaches.  But they did not understand what an LMS was nor why it would be important. 

So in my role as a SAC member, my answer to the question: How does FFT inspire you to be creative in the ways you leverage Canvas?  is that right now it doesn't.  But I am writing this post here because my goal for the upcoming academic year is that I really want to expose my daughter's teacher and school to the resources available in this group.  There are gems here and I really think that their participation in this community will benefit FFT, and vice versa.