Newbies, shoaling

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When a bicyclist approaches a traffic light and passes the cars to sneak up to the front, it's called "shoaling."  

Canvas Community has turned its "gamification" over and I had enough points to get 500 of 'em grandfathered in, and I'm near the top of the stack because doing "training" kinds of things grants points, as does every comment ... and calling out of people and... and... 

awilliams‌  replied to a comment and suggested I blog about being FFT and about gamification and CanvasLive etc. 

The Canvas Community is very responsive ... especially since most of my questions are basic, often 'why doesn't this work?' the answer often being 'because it's Canvas! -- here's a workaround' ... 

CanvasLive is a great way of getting folks sharing "in the trenches" ideas.   This is how I got the scoop on "mastery paths" -- and the presenter even had my reasons for doing it in mind:  to have different presentations available if you didn't "get it' the first time.   THe quick availablility on YOuTube is effective (though the "fast track" links to the uncaptioned videos is less so).   

    THat said, the whole "popularity is what steers design" approach has inherent flaws which should be addressed.  I am not comfortable with Canvas as LMS for courses for basic adult ed students.  

I currently work in a tutoring center, so I get to work with students using our LMS (not Canvas) and assorted other tech.   The tech designed by eager people at the cutting edge (not to mention any names, CONNECT) are a walking disaster and 

seriously impede learning the content as the students have to wrestle with the stupid tech.  


, NOTE TO SELF: REMEMBER:   Make quizzes *in a bank* not a quiz if you want to  re-use them!   Otherwise you have to export the whole quiz (finding the direcitons for that), import it again, and then try to remember which quiz was which.  


I'm also working on a D2L project -- where I can click "copy quiz" and voila! I have another copy to go in and play with... 

... and that's enough rambling for now!