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Greetings Everyone:

We are a small school using the Canvas Free for Teachers version of Canvas.  The primary Text /  Education software we have been using for the past few years is Pearson / MyLab.  The link between Canvas and Mylab is an LTI 1.1 app.

With the advent of LTI 1.3 Canvas no longer uses the Consumer Key / Consumer Secret method of linking to Mylab.  What is now required is a Client ID / Developer Key.  Unfortunately, the ability to enable Developer Keys does not seem to exist in the Free for Teachers version of Canvas.  

Is there some way to allow Free for Teachers version of Canvas to access that Admin function of Developer Keys?  Or, is every user of Free for Teachers Canvas and Person / MyLab no longer going to be able to integrate the products?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Chris


Alas, I have been on the phone with Tech support for both Canvas and Pearson for quite a while today.  You are correct, Pearson / MyLab worked with LTI 1.1, but with the adoption of LTI 1.3, a Developer Code has to be issued by the Canvas Admin.  FFT will not work.  As far as I can tell, that may be a problem with other LTI 1.3 Apps in Canvas.  I am very disappointed and bet there will be a number of small schools that will be in the same predicament that I am in now. 

Does this mean that any Apps using deep links / LTI 1.3 will require the purchase of the paid version of Canvas? 

Thank you for your reply.





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