The benefit of free-for-teachers

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"What ways you use Canvas Free-for-Teacher? How does FFT inspire you to be creative in the ways you leverage Canvas?"

There have been some great blogs about the benefit of free-for-teachers in Canvas, but for me the benefit of free-for-teachers somehwat echoes that of stefaniesandersFree for Teachers: Training made easy.  The great thing is that it lets you try things in Canvas that your institution has perhaps not brought in yet or is not going to bring in. You can get ahead of the game in other words. All of the extra apps that are not available can then be used without risk and you can see what will be beneficial and what won't, which you can then use to formulate a business case for the addition of an app or feature to the main Canvas interface for the institution.

Sometimes we get stalled by bureaucracy or caution, free-for-teachers lets you do your own thing, which can inform decisions and bring those potential upgrades and features into the fold.

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