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Hi all
I am as a teacher on Canvas course.

An observer can sent teacher (me) a message and I can see it on the App and also on the web.
So I reply him the message but he cannot see it on the App and on the web both but was sent him by e-mail.
And I've got the e-mail from canvas as below.

"You can reply to this message in Canvas by replying directly to this email. If you need to include an attachment, please log in to Canvas and reply through the Inbox."

I sent him a message from Canvas web. of course logged in.

Observer can read the massage on the App or on the Web?
Can Teacher send observer directly from App or Web? How?
Cannot choice any observers from inbox.

Thank you.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi -

Those email notifications are really helpful! You can use those as a "shortcut" to your Canvas Inbox. If you reply from your email, the message is automatically copied and applied to the Conversations Inbox for both the teacher and observer! It will actually look like every part of the message stayed within Canvas.

Every message that you see in your Inbox in the browser will be seen inside the Canvas Teacher app and the other way around too!

Every message that the observer sees will see it in the browser. The Canvas Parent app also has an inbox. That's pretty new, and it's been very helpful for families.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any other questions, please reply. 🙂

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