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quizzes from videos: quizzes with embedded videos

Hello All!

I am completely new to Canvas. I have successfully signed up for the "Free for Teachers" version. Is it possible within this version to set up videos that have quiz questions embedded in them? (like Edpuzzle if you happen to be familiar with that). I have seen some help articles that refer to the Canvas Studio as a module but I don't see that in the list of available modules. Is that the way to add videos with embedded videos and is that available in the Free for Teachers version? Is there some way to do this in the Free for Teachers version?


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Are those SCORM files with the videos in them? If so, unfortunately the free version will not play SCORM files. I am fairly new to Canvas as well, and we are in the same boat, I’ve have tried a couple ways to work around it, but no luck yet.

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Hi @weka,


Canvas Studio is not available in Canvas Free-for-Teacher. Studio does have the ability to embed video quizzes, but Canvas FFT does not have any default feature to enable this functionality. You can embed videos in Canvas Quiz questions as well as integrate you courses with supported third-party tools that have this functionality. If you want any additional information on Studio for your organization, let me know. But I hope this helps for now!



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Thanks Kevin!

If I want to embed auto graded questions in videos, what are my options? How much would I need to spend to do it on Canvas (or with 3rd party tools if you happen to know about that)?

At the moment I am working on this myself

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