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Hidden Gems: K-12 Free For Teacher

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One of the things I am wondering: Is there a K-12 edition of Free For Teachers? There is! Go online to and try it out!

Course Feature Options Comparison

Enforced feature options are marked with Yes/No. Options with toggles are marked with Available. Any items not listed in the feature options are listed as N/A.

Canvas FFT K-12Canvas FFT Higher Education
ePub ExportingAvailableN/A
Learning Mastery GradebookAvailableAvailable
Student Learning Mastery GradebookAvailableAvailable
Allow Outcome Extra CreditN/AN/A
Anonymous Instructor AnnotationsAvailableAvailable
New GradebookN/ANo
Duplicating Calendar EventsYesYes
Gradebook - List Students By Sortable NameAvailableAvailable
Dashboard Images For CoursesYesYes
Mastery PathsYesYes
Common Cartridge HTML File to Page Conversion betaN/AYes
New QuizzesN/AN/A
New Course & User AnalyticsYesAvailable
Quiz Log AuditingYesYes
Anonymous GradingN/AAvailable
Moderating GradingN/AAvailable

Course Quota

The quota is still the same at 250 MB.

Missing Features


Gauge does not work in FFT K-12, even though it is designed for K-12 institutions. This is because SIS IDs do not work in Free For Teachers.

Canvas Studio

As with the Canvas FFT HE, Canvas Studio is not available on Canvas FFT K-12.

How should the sign in page look like in the future?

Login screen FFT

In the future, since we discovered the K-12 Canvas FFT, here's what would look like before the above screen appears:

Log in as which FFT user?

  • K-12 user
  • Higher education user 

Selecting K-12 will redirect users to, while selecting Higher education will redirect users to

The above scenario (Log in as which FFT user) is just a mock, but I want to be the one to show you what the login page will look like for FFT users in the future.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Oh my goodness  @Kelvin_Dean  Thank You I had no idea they were different. That's brilliant.

Thanks for the share. 

Community Team
Community Team


First off I must commend you on your comprehensive knowledge of Canvas.  Thank you for being a reliably helpful person here in the community - we couldn't do it without people like you.

With regards to  my advice would be to not use that instance.  As you point out it is nearly identical to the main Free for Teacher instance of Canvas, which is meant to be for everyone, K12 included.  At one point it was created so that we could complete a project that was then cancelled or put on hold indefinitely.  As of today  only contains a handful of courses (less than 20) and most of them are demo courses created by sales people.  This instance of Canvas is not supported the way Free for Teacher is and it could be taken down at any time without warning.  

Thanks again for participating in the Community and for your interest in all things Canvas!