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Enhanced Gradebook Filters: Release Change Log

Enhanced Gradebook Filters: Release Change Log

This document indicates feature updates in the Enhanced Gradebook Filters project. The release date indicates the date the features will be available in the production environment. All noted updates can be tested in the beta environment in advance of its announced release date.

Full details of this project can be viewed in the Enhanced Gradebook Filters Overview Document.



Updated Features

Filter Assignments by Status
When filtering assignments, instructors can filter by a status of Late, Missing,Excused, Resubmitted, Dropped, or Extended.

Note: The use of the Extended status is an option that must be enabled for your institution by your Customer Support Manager (CSM).

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Updated Features

Filter Submissions by Unposted Grades and No Submissions

When filtering assignments, instructors can filter assignments with no submissions and by unposted grades.

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Updated Features

Start and End Date Filter Prevents Invalid Dates 

Attempts to select out of order start and end dates are prevented when using the Start and End date filter.

Long Section Titles are Shortened 

When filtering a course with multiple sections, the filter displays the beginning and end of long section titles, removing the middle for easy identification.

Content Only Modules Hidden When Filtering 

When filtering by modules, modules containing ungradable content are hidden.

Prevent Duplicate Filter Presets 

When creating filter presets, filters with duplicate names and conditions are not saved.



New Features

All Grading Periods Filter Added

The Grading Periods filter has been updated to include an option to view All Grading Periods. 




Updated Features

Sorted Filter Preset Drop-Down Menu 

In the filter preset drop-down menu, saved presets are sorted in descending order.

Apply Filter Drop-Down Menu Checkmark 

In the Apply Filter drop-down menu, a checkmark displays when the filter condition is active.

Collapse and Expansion of Filter Presets

In the Create and Manage Filter Presets tray, saved filter presets can collapse and expand.

New Filter Preset Populates with Active Filters 

When creating a new filter preset, active filters populate with presently active filters.

Saved Filter Set Default Update 

In the Create and Manage Filter Presets tray, the saved filter sets collapse by default.

Click Filter Preset to Toggle On and Off 

In the Apply Filters drop-down menu, clicking a filter preset toggles the filter on and off.

Submission Filter Remains Applied After Refreshing the Gradebook 

When a submission type filter is applied to the Gradebook and the page is refreshed, the submission type filter will remain an active condition.

New Features

Clear Filters Button 

A clear all filters button has been added to the Gradebook.

Start and End Date Filter 

A start and end date filter has been added to the Create and Manage Filter Presets tray.

Start and End Date Filter in Drop-Down Menu 

A start and end date filter has been added to the Apply Filters drop-down menu.




Updated Features

Gradebook Filters Display Update

When using the Enhanced Gradebook Filters drop-down menu, instructors view two columns when creating new filters.



Updated Features

Filter View CVS Download

When using Enhanced Gradebook Filters, instructors can download CSV files based on a filtered view in the Gradebook.



Updated Features

Hide Totals Column in Gradebook

When using Enhanced Gradebook Filters, instructors can hide the Total and Override Columns in the View Options Gradebook Settings menu.




Updated Features

Hide Assignment Group Totals Condition Type

In the Gradebook, instructors can Hide Assignment Group Totals under View Settings when using Enhanced Gradebook Filters.




New Feature

Enhanced Gradebook Filters

New Feature Preview

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I just happened to check out the enhanced gradebook filters after a few months.  Early on there were several comments on what should be done to improve the way they work and I am glad that Instructure made vasts improvements with the enhanced filters.  It has a lot of features and ease of use.  

Thank you for making it much better than what it started out as.


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