Canvas Use Reports

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We are just getting started on Canvas here at the University of Texas at Houston.

I'm a bit of an empiricist, so I created some reports that will monitor the adoption of our system. The first is a list of published, in-use courses. This runs automatically every Monday at 8 am, and is a snapshot of courses that are both published and have at least some content.

The data is an amalgam of the provisioning, the unused courses, and the unpublished courses report.

I have attached a sample. The count is by semester ("Term ID")

What the code does is:

1. Order the three csv reports generated from production Canvas (uses a token for auth)

2. Waits, then downloads the three csv reports when finished

3. Crunches the data (all courses in provisioning that are NOT present in unused and unpublished)

4. Creates the human-readable PDF that's attached

5. Uploads the file to a Canvas course for permanent storage.

6. Deletes the files from your local machine.

It's all done in C#. If anyone is interested in the code I'd be glad to share. I've learned a lot just creating it. Just let me know.