Do You Use BigBlueButton Conferencing Plugin?

Community Novice

Hi Everyone,


I would love some assistance. I am contributing (volunteering) to the BigBlueButton open source project as a User Experience Researcher. What I do is gather insights from users, such as online teachers and students, to discover how we can improve the software to make it more usable for your needs.


I have been speaking with BigBlueButton directly. The first area they would like insights about is the plugins live lecturing features.


Thus, I am looking for 6-8 college level online teachers, who are current users of BigBlueButton, to do a 45-minute interview with. What is it that you like about the live lecturing features? Is there anything missing that would make doing lectures online easier and better?


The folks at BigBlueButton are looking forward to the research results. Let’s help to improve this app together.


To be interviewed, fill out the following Google form and I will contact you soon:


Jules Myers

UX Researcher