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Ed Tech Showcase

Community Coach
Community Coach
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Yesterday I did a session on what's hot in ed tech these days.

When High Tech becomes Hot Tech: Educational Technology Showcase  


I wanted to write a quick follow up to that.  In the session, I covered a lot of materials at a breakneck speed.  The purpose was to get people (faculty, IDs, course development personnel, etc.) familiar with some of the offerings of third party programs that work with Canvas.  Instead of plowing through a PowerPoint slide show presentation, like I am supposed to, I instead decided to put all of the ed tech into a public Canvas course and simply navigate sequentially through the course.  You can find that course here:

Educational Technology Showcase 

What I didn't do in that course is provide good links so that you can actually find and use the software, though none of these are really hidden on the internet.  But for clarity, I wanted to include the links here on this blog post.  I grouped the ed tech platforms into certain themes (presentation, ed tech, interactive, audio/video), but there is a tremendous amount of crossover and many of the platforms could easily fit into any or all of these categories.

This is of course not a comprehensive list of resources, just what I covered during the webinar.  I'll reprise it in the future and share even more tools and resources.  

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