Guidance regarding Canvas access for International students during Covid

Community Participant

As most universities decide that a blend of online and offline learning will be the best approach for Fall 2020, we're also faced with providing opportunities for our international students who may not be able to return to the US right away. I've scoured the discussion boards regarding access to Canvas in China and other countries, but I've found nothing definitive. Can Instructure and/or peers at other universities provide guidance or best practices for what elements of the LMS are most likely to be successfully accessed by international students? For example, should we rely less on Kaltura for video hosting or allow students to download videos rather than stream them? Is it best not to offer strictly timed quizzes and exams for students whose internet access may not be as reliable (which may even apply to domestic students)?

I know that things change rapidly and definitive advice isn't possible, but some general advice to ensure the best possible learning experience would be extremely beneficial.