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Issues with the Media Comment Tool

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tyler and I work at Creighton University.  I have started this discussion because we at Creighton have been experiencing numerous issues with the Media Comment tool.  Sometimes the tool will stop working in the middle of a recording and at other times it will fail to save and start an endless cycle of "spinning."

We have reached out to Canvas Support and have advised that we have affected users update their browsers as an out of date browser could be causing this issue.  Sometimes this fix works for a while, but then the tool begins to act odd again.  Overall, I find that this tool is pretty unreliable right now.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues with this tool?  If so, have you had any success with remedying the problem long term?  I would love to hear from you!

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Unreliable. Sad. It's such a great feature. 

Also sad that no one responded to your question before me.

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What browser are you using? I have the same issue at our institution. 

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It seems there is a problem playing back media comments in SpeedGrader made in Mozilla Firefox. Clicking on the comment results in a notification that the comment is being converted. The comment never seems to complete the conversion process. We checked media comments a day later and the conversion notification still appears when clicking on the media comment. We do not see the conversion message when using Google Chrome to create the media comment in SpeedGrader.