Mastery Paths (Two Scenarios)

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Hello everyone. I have two instances in which I would like to use Mastery Paths.

Scenario One

Students in one course are studying four different topics. I would like to use Mastery Paths so students only have access to modules that pertain to the topic they've been assigned. (It's not possible to dis-aggregate the course into four separate courses.)

I thought of using a quiz that simply asks them to select the topic they've been assigned. Then, based on their response, they are only given assess to the module they've identified. I read Kona Jones' post, and haven't been able to get that to work in this case.

Scenario Two

Another course that I'm developing is competency-based. Students take an authentic assessment in a prototype design lab with reviewers present. Scores representing how well students use the equipment to produce a prototype will determine the modules in the Canvas course they are required to complete. 

To avoid manual entry, I'm thinking of creating an assignment in Canvas for multiple reviewers. They would use the assignment to score the authentic assessment. Each area of the rubric would represent a specific module in the course. Would Canvas generate Mastery Paths for students who fall below mastery level for each area of the rubric? (For example, if a student scores At Mastery on sketching and 3D printing but Below Mastery for design thinking and PPE safety, would Canvas create a Mastery Path that directs that student to the modules on Design Thinking and Personal Protective Equipment?)

Geez . . . just typing this is fracturing my brain. I welcome your suggestions. I'm starting to think I'm asking the same question in two different ways.