Peer reviews - this is complicated!

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I'm teaching public speaking (online), and all students are required to film & submit their speech videos through a specific Canvas Discussion Board; I view their speech and grade it in SpeedGrader. So far, so good.

The glitch comes because I also want each student to do a Peer Review of 4 different speeches throughout the semester; each review is worth 20 points. They are to post their reviews as a link to a form (see below) under their chosen speaker's video on the DB.

I have 2 problems: first, I have Assignments set up for Peer Review #1 - #4, but can't figure a way for SpeedGrader to automatically grade each review...I have to do it manually by scrolling through the DB looking for their reviews, and that's incredibly time-consuming.

Second, I have my own review form that I like to use; I thought about clicking "Require Peer Review" on the speech DB, but it looks like Canvas can only process rubrics in the format that it uses.

I may be making more work for myself than I need to, but at this point my brain is both fried and scrambled, and for the life of me I can't figure a way to do everything I want to do! Can anyone help?? Or maybe someone has a better way!