Preparing for the Post-LMS World by Jonathan Rees

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I wanted to share an important opinion piece that appeared in Inside Higher Ed this week: Preparing for the Post-LMS World by Jonathan Rees.

screenshot of Inside Higher Ed article

I left a ton of comments there at the article because I think this is an incredibly important topic. The more-or-less lack of discussion there is indicative I think of how we got to the LMS mess that we are in: engineers and administrators have largely been the ones who drive the software development, and while faculty are disgruntled, they don't really want to invest the time and effort in order to get involved in the process, even though the LMS has become an incredibly important element in college teaching, and increasingly in K-12 also. Maybe the K-12 teachers can save us; that is actually one of the very best things about Canvas in my opinion: even if higher ed faculty do not always have a lot to say about ed-tech (especially at a research university like where I teach), we can count on K-12 teachers to be very aware of ed-tech and its consequences.

Anyway, I hope people will chime in at Inside Higher Ed or here with their thoughts. Taking a moment to step back and think in big terms about what we want from the LMS 5 or 10 years from now is really important I think, as opposed to just focusing on what new features will or won't be released at the various LMS conferences next summer.