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SIS Integrations with IMS ILS 2.0 for Colleague ILP

Hi Folks,

Recently, the following project mysteriously disappeared from the Studio - In Development section:

The IMS Learning Information Services (LIS) specification has been adopted across the higher education industry as a standard way to integrate with Student Information Systems such as Ellucian Banner, Datatel and Oracle Peoplesoft Campus Solutions.

LIS compliance requires several changes to the underlying Canvas apis:

  • allow unpublish of courses through api
  • allow a deleted course to be reactivated through api
  • allow a deleted section to be reactivated through api
  • allow a deleted user to be reactivated through api
  • assign integration_id to a section via api

I inquired with Renee Carney and Instructure Support on this, and the answer I got was "the information was just released too soon and has been pulled back. All we are able to say is to keep an eye on studio for when the project returns."

Is there any more substantive feedback on this? We're working towards supporting Colleague ILP and Canvas at our institution and would like some direction from Instructure on this.


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I am also very interested in this.  We were told a while back that we would have this last year, as we are in the process of implementing Colleague at our school.  I reached out to my project manager at Ellucian and they said to reach out to our canvas account manager, who sent me here.  Can someone please give us some insight?  This was part of our project plan and something that my institution is very excited about, but we aren't getting any answers on when it will happen.


I've had several meetings with Instructure Product Management responsible for ILP (at Educause, and in May) but recently I've received no feedback or response to my emails since my meeting in May 2016. We have already got SIS Integration and Grade pass back to Colleague using the WebAPI and a custom built Gradebook LTI we created (which is great!). However, in the long term we want ILP for the Colleague Mobile App and other features. We offered to help Instructure and knowledge share.

Ellucian is clearly pointing the finger at Instructure for the delay. It would be helpful for Instructure to just be more transparent with their plans for this.

Community Team
Community Team

Greetings all!

Sorry that project document was shared too soon, and had to be pulled back.  I do have an official update for you.

We are working on our LIS 2.0 certification. Following certification, we will work with Ellucian to receive rostering data from Ellucian products [supported with ILP via LIS 2.0 data messaging]. In anticipation of the integration being available in Beta we would like the customers to make sure their SIS has ILP support.

Note of clarification : ILP handles rostering of the data via LIS 2.0.  Other integration workflows, such as grade passback, calendar and activity streams, are not part of LIS 2.0 implementation.

Instructure does have a stand alone project ( not part of LIS 2.0) to integrate with Ellucian ILP which will include : Grade Passback, Calendar and Activity ( to do ) data synchronization.

Hi Renee,

Can you direct me to where the Ellucian ILP project is documented, or how we can get updates on that project and what the anticipated timeline is?



Renee - I would like to know if you had any updates on this and if you can answer question above from Andrew.

Thanks!  We are hoping to hear that this is moving forward very soon!

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We have been trying to find out more about the Ellucian ILP project and saw this thread.  Is this still active?  We are using real-time integration with Banner and hope to find out more about relationships between Instructure Canvas and Ellucian that are on the road map.