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Save a Forest! Use SpeedGrader!

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When I work with a faculty member who is a bit of a technophobe, all I have to do is show them the wonders of SpeedGrader and Crocodoc and they're sold on Canvas.

I start by asking by them how they normally grade written work (essays, research papers, etc...). They all tell me some version of, "The student emails it to me, I download it, print it out, make corrections by hand, and then make a copy for my files and give the student the original in class a week later.

I respond by asking if they'd like to save paper and hours of time. They look skeptical until I walk them through the work flow of grading written assignments in SpeedGrader and using Crocodoc to leave comments on the document.

Hands down, it's been the biggest tool in my toolbox for converting folks to using Canvas in their courses.

Plus it saves trees! What's not to love?