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Student attendance self-registration


I am looking for a easy way to implement student attendance self-registration in Canvas.

I have rather large classes and Roll Call is just not suited for the purpose.

We have tried to use Quizzes with the IP filter range and time filtering, so that every one that accessed the Quizz before 8:30 would get registered as attending, and everyone who didn't make it to class by 8:30 is counted as not attending.

This is a rather crude hack, that gives almost no data on student behaviour and not something I like to use. BUT, attendance is a super important indicator when it comes to Higher ED students, who are mostly expected to manage there own time and study. Unfortunately this is not always the case, so we have had to make attendance a part of the semester grade. So that there is obvious consequences of not showing up on time.

Is there a simple way to set up a Welcome screen with a "Attendance" bottom, so that the students can "Sign in" in the morning (Within our IP range)? So that I do not have to call our 50-100 names before I start lecturing in the morning.

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There are tools outside of Canvas that could accomplish what you want, but there is nothing that I know of in Canvas.

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Hi Caspar Facius,

If the registration method of computer login has been implemented, then I suggest that the next process should be to create a Mobile APP automatic check-in mode.


It should be a Canvas internal, based on mobile phone location search function, connect to the teacher's Canvas app, and then implement automatic check-in. It may be associated for a certain amount of time or a few minutes, and then turn off the location search function by two-way selection or single selection.


If we only wanted to implement the check-in function, we would not need to provide more data about students' behaviors. If students are required to add the basic information, this involves supplementing personal information on the website. The degree of privacy and disclosure of personal behavior and data must be determined by the individual.



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In addition to that, would be the need to check OUT as well, as I have students to seem to cut out early; however the nature of my class is that attendance is paramount.  There needs to be a place to either add badges to explain the reason for tardiness/early dismissal accessible from the students' menus, visible by staff or a place to indicate such.

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